Our endeavour to provide you with high quality hair with The truest Price in the market,whilst staying true to our brand values and core mission.Our goal is to build genuine strong relationships that last long-term by ensuring we assist you in every way that we can whilst supplying the best quality products we can. You are important to us and we want to make sure you feel as if you are too.
Our Quality:
Our raw Hair materials are mainly from Vietnamese, Cut From Young Girl's Ponytail ,It needs to be ensured that all the hair materials are without any processing such as dying, curling etc.Vietnamese hair is considered by many professionals as the most suitable raw material for making Hair Wig And hair bundles, Because it has a durable hair cuticle protected , it means that the hair Still Shiny after it is dyed, And It have a long lifespan, Generally, It can be using 1-2 Year with Good Care.
Our Service:
Our factory sits on 5000-10,000 square metres of land and was founded in 2009 As hair source for Trade Company, which has rightfully earned the reputation to have the highest quality in materials, perfect designs, customer service and competitive prices to earn the trust of many clients worldwide. Our factory has over 300 professional staff members employed with close to 100 of them having over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have more than 50 sets of advanced equipment that allows our factory to keep up with the high demand for hair extensions as well as the times.
If you want to develop business with us, please contact us, the most professional factory to give you strong support.