Raw hair is Unprocessed with cuticle aligned,it is need good maintain with it,so when you get it ,please care it as your own natural hair, 🕓wash it every 4-5 days.

Therefore,please follow below:
1-Prepare some Warm Water
2-Put Hair Conditioner accroding to 2:1
3-Hand Mix till well melt
4-Put the hair in the water and brush from ends up
5-Then Soaking the hair in warm water for 15 minues
6-Wash off the conditioner be sure to rinse it from top to end
7-when you drying the hair dryer should be blown from top to bottom
8-apply some Hair Essential Oil

⛔ Avoid Rubing it
✅gently comb it with a comb

When you have such problem, please refer to my suggestion to try it out